The market is currently filled with numerous storage containers. The containers range from
food storage containers to equipment storage containers. The storage containers are an
essential must have product as their functions make life in the household much easier. The
equipment storage containers help us safely keep away the tools and equipment we won’t be
using for a long duration of time. The food storage containers on the other hand help us avoid
food wastage in addition to making work easier. They help in safely storing the leftovers or
food cooked prior to their due date.

Customer reviews
The reviews given by the customers who have purchased the rubbermaid totes on sale have
all been positive. All the clients expressed satisfaction in the overall design, appearance and
functioning of these plastic canisters. The storage containers worked as desired and their
availability in many colours catered for various preferences.

The sturdy material used in making the storage containers is especially beneficial when it
comes to stacking them on top of each other in the freezer or the food cupboard. The plastic
canisters are strong enough to handle the weight without collapsing or spoiling the
ingredients inside it. The rubbermaid totes on sale are easy to clean and do not discolour.
The lids cover the container securely hence making them airtight and as a result the stored
food retains its original taste.

The rubbermaid totes on sale storage containers are well capable of handling a fall on hard
floors from a height of about 3 feet without breaking. They are ideal to be used in the kitchen
at home, in the office and in commercial kitchens such as in a restaurant. The plastic
canisters are available in assorted size and shapes. The assortment in sizes is especially
beneficial when it comes to ease in stacking them on top of each other.

Features of the storage containers
The rubbermaid totes on sale have some unique features such as the press button on the lid
which is used to suck out the air from the container to ensure your foodstuff is stored as you
desire. The second unique feature is the lid which can be set apart into various parts to
facilitate easy cleaning. After drying the parts can easily be reassembled. The third unique
feature is the built in handles. The built in handles are essential in the transportation of the
storage container from one point to the other.