The rubbermaid brilliance 18 piece set is an ideal storage container to easily carry food
from one location to another. They can be used to carry food to the party or function venue
without much of a hassle. The price of the set is easy on the pocket which makes convenient
to it ditch them if you do not want to go back with extra baggage.

Qualities of the storage containers
The rubbermaid brilliance 18 piece set are made of a durable material that makes them
strong to competently handle a considerable amount of weight. They are available in an
assortment of shapes and colours. The plastic canisters can either be purchase as a single
container or as a set. The different sizes have a small margin difference in size which
facilitates for fitting into each other perfectly or stacking up on top of each other. They are
designed in such a way that one can easily pour the liquids stored in them easily without

Cost of storage containers
The cost of the plastic canisters varies depending on the size of the storage container or and
whether it is a complete set or a single item. The price is also dependent on the material that
has been used to make the container. Storage containers are made of an array of materials
such as silica, thermoplastic and glass. The price ranges from a few dollars to a hundreds of
dollars. The price is mainly matched with the quality of the rubbermaid brilliance 18 piece
set. They are of high quality and very durable which makes them worth every dime as
compare to the cheap varieties in the market.

What makes them unique?
The rubbermaid brilliance 18 piece set is designed in such a way that it can handle the
basic roughening up in a commercial kitchen. They can be used in the kitchen at home, in the
office and restaurants. The storage containers can handle being dropped on a hard floor from
a substantial height without breaking apart. They can also be cleaned using the dishwasher.
The set of plastic canisters are leak proof and can therefore be used even in the storage of
liquid foodstuffs.

The storage containers are ideal for use in the oven or microwave as they become soft and
produce an odour. The storage containers can also easily discolour if not properly cleaned.
They should not be therefore put into use regularly.