Storage containers are commonly available in various colours and shapes. The shapes are
usually square, rectangular or round. The square and rectangular plastic canisters like the
Rubbermaid totes on sale have more storage space due to their shape and can be easily
stacked one on top of the other to minimize on the storage space occupied by them in the
freezer or the pantry. The round plastic canisters on the other hand have better air circulation
that can be attributed to their circular shape. The three types of shapes are suitable for storage
depending on what you are storing. Choose a shape that is most ideal for your specific
storage needs.

Requirements of a good storage container
The lids to the containers must be a tight fit in order to ensure that the liquid things stored do
not leak. This also helps in ensuring that the storage container is airtight. The airtight feature
is important in preserving the food. Lack of air in the container ensures that the food stays
fresh and does not lose its original taste. Air tends to mess with the quality of the food you
store and hence having a securely fitting lid preserves the integrity of the food. Some of the
good quality plastic canisters like the rubbermaid totes on sale have seals that guarantee
your food will be safe from air contamination. The seals are easy to put and open when one
needs to access the contents in the plastic canisters.

How to identify the contents of storage containers
It is also important to consider purchasing lids that are of different colours if the storage
containers you are using are not transparent. If the containers are not transparent it will not be
possible to see the contents inside. If the lids are all of the same colour you might have a
tough task identifying the one you are looking for and end up opening almost all of them.
Having lids that are varying colours will make it easy to identify them easily. Alternatively if
you do not want to have an assortment of colours in your refrigerator or food cupboard you
can also label the containers indicating the contents that are inside.

Disadvantages of storage containers
Storage containers are mainly made of two materials which are plastic and glass. After being
regularly used the storage containers like the rubbermaid totes on sale start to discolour and
the stains are permanent.