Glass storage containers
There are various storage containers made of glass such as the glasslock 18 piece set. Glass
is used in making storage containers due to some of its unique features such as sturdiness.
The glasslock 18 piece set can be used in equipment that use heat such as the microwave and
oven. Storage containers made of glass are ideal to be used in the refrigerator and the oven
because they do emit a bad smell or other chemicals that can be poisonous to food when it is
heated or frozen. Glass containers can be used even for baking but only in absence of the lid.
Glass storage containers are also transparent which means the contents inside the container
can be seen. The containers are also easy to clean and do not discolour when used over a long
period of time. The only con of purchasing a glass container is if it falls from a very high
height on a hard surface it will break into pieces. Extra precaution is required when handling
glass containers like the glasslock 18 piece set.

Plastic storage containers
A majority of storage containers in the market are created using plastic material such as the
rubbermaid totes on sale. The plastic canisters are light weight which makes it easy to
transport them from one place to the next. The rubbermaid totes on sale are not suitable for
use in the oven or the microwave due to the poisonous chemical known as BPA found in
plastics. Plastic weakens and produces a bad smell when it is heat using the microwave or
oven. The plastic containers are however suitable for use in the refrigerator and pantry. They
are most ideal for storing food that will be fast consumed.

Significance of storage containers
Purchasing a storage container may not result to you saving hundreds or thousands of dollars
on your food bills as insinuated by the various companies but it can save a substantial
amount. The storage container will save the left overs that would have been thrown in the
trash been by storing appropriately in a manner that can be stored in the freezer or the pantry.
The storage containers are also essential in making work easier when one is expecting a huge
audience for a function and does not have the funds to pay a caterer. One can start preparing
the meals prior to the day of the event and storing it safely in the storage containers.