The market has become saturated with diverse assortment of storage containers. There are those made of plastic and those made of other natural materials like glass and silica. The rubbermaid brilliance 18 piece set is an example of a high quality storage container made of plastic. These plastic canisters are suitable to be used in the kitchen at the office and also at home. The storage containers are made with specific end use; there are those containers that are designed to be used in storing food that will be kept in the freezer or refrigerator and food that will be stored in the food cupboard.

How they function
The containers are used to store food. They are designed using the Oxo technology which aims at making products that are environmental friendly. The plastic canisters are created in such a way that they can be easily opened by simply pressing the lid. This ensures that the products inside the container will be safe as they will not be muddle up as you try to open the rid. The lids cover the container securely.

Price of the containers
The price of the rubbermaid brilliance 18 piece set vary depending on the size of the
container and whether it is a single container or a set. The average price ranges between
eight to a hundred dollars. These storage containers are however mostly purchased as a
set. The number given to the pieces in the set is inclusive of the lids.

Unique feature
The push button on the lids of the plastic canisters is bound to accumulate dirt after a period
of being used. The lids are designed in such a way that they can be set apart into various
pieces in order for it to be easily cleaned. Once the cleaning is completed the pieces can them
be easily reassembled. A lot of thought was put into the design prior to making it. Many
individuals who have used the storage containers all give positive reviews and act as brand
ambassadors by promoting them to their friends and family.

Types of storage containers
The market has many diverse types of storage containers to select from. Some storage
containers are cheap but they will end up on your trash can with lightning. There are those
that are a bit expensive such as the rubbermaid brilliance 18 piece set which is sturdy and
long lasting. The storage containers in the market are made from diverse materials; there are
plastic canisters, thermoplastic containers and those made of glass.