The food storage containers help us avoid food wastage in addition to making work easier. They help in safely storing the leftovers or food cooked prior to their due date. The glasslock 18 piece set storage containers are well capable of handling a fall on hard floors from a height of about 3 feet without breaking. They are ideal to be used in the kitchen at home and in the office.

They are not suitable for use in commercial kitchens such as in a restaurant. The storage containers are available in assorted size and shapes. The assortment in sizes is especially beneficial when it comes to ease in stacking them on top of each other. It is important to take caution when handling glass as if falls from a high height to a rough surface it will break into pieces.

Characteristics of the storage containers
The different sizes of the glasslock 18 piece set have a small margin difference in size which facilitates for fitting into each other perfectly or stacking up on top of each other. They are designed in such a way that one can easily pour the liquids stored in them easily without spilling.

Types of storage containers
There are many storage containers that are in circulation in the market with each company claiming that their there is the best brand to help you cut on food bills. It is therefore essential to do your research comprehensively in order to identify the most suitable and reliable storage containers. The storage containers range from plastic canisters, to glassware, thermoplastic containers and those made from other natural materials.

The price
The price ranges from a few dollars to a hundreds of dollars. The price is mainly matched with the quality of glasslock 18 piece set. They are of high quality and very durable which makes them worth every dime as compare to the cheap varieties in the market. Glass is sturdy, durable and ideal for wash using the dishwasher which makes it a bit expensive as compared to even the high quality plastic canisters.

Customer reviews
The reviews given by the customers who have purchased the glasslock 18 piece set have all been positive. All the clients expressed satisfaction in the overall design, appearance and functioning of these storage containers. The storage containers worked as desired and their availability in many colours catered for various preferences.