There are several things that you need to put into consideration prior to purchasing a storage
container. The storage containers have become a must have commodity in the household and
as a result the market has become saturate with a variety. There are numerous companied
producing storage containers each claiming to have the superior quality that will lead to a
significant drop in the food bill. Some even go to the extent of claiming that by using their
storage containers you will be able to save thousands of dollars annually while some claim it
is hundreds of dollars.

Securely fitting lids
Storage containers need to have lids that fit securely on them in order for them to be airtight.
It is essential that no air is stored inside the container together with the foodstuffs as they will
lose their taste. Preserving the initial taste of the foodstuff is an essential part of the storing
process. Storage containers such as the glasslock 18 piece set and the oxo containers on sale
are ideal storage containers as they are airtight and leak proof. The available options to clean
the container should also be considered. There are those containers that can be washed in a
dishwasher while some can only be cleaned by hand. The glasslock 18 piece set is made of a
sturdy material hence can be loaded in the dishwasher for cleaning while the oxo containers
on sale can only be washed by hand.

Size and shape
The size and shape of the container are also important. The size of your container should be
able to handle the quantity of contents you want to store. If the size is not adequate you might
still end up wasting food. Size can be made on basis of the amount of cooking or the size of
the family. The glasslock 18 piece set is ideal for large families while the oxo containers on
sale are suitable for small families as they can be sold as a single container.

The material used
The material that has been used to construct the storage container should also be put into
consideration. Various natural materials are used to make the storage containers and each
behaves differently from the other. There are those that can be used in apparatus that use heat
such as ovens and microwaves like the glasslock 18 piece set while some cannot be used like
the oxo containers on sale.