Food storage containers are a necessary item in every kitchen. They are ideal for the storage
of leftovers or meals that are being prepared in advance of their due date. The quality of the
container and sizes vary which is why you need to find a storage container that suits your
specific needs. Factors such as transparency of the container, its sturdiness, durability, the
sealing features and storage space are things that you need to put under consideration prior to
purchasing a storage container. Having the right storage containers ensures that the things
you are storing will be safe from harm including being spilled all over the kitchen floor when
a container is not able to handle the weight of the contents. Storage containers should be both
appealing and functional.

Types of storage containers
The market has many diverse types of storage containers to select from. Some storage
containers are cheap but they will end up on your trash can with lightning. There are those
that are a bit expensive such as the glasslock 18 piece set which is sturdy and long lasting.
The storage containers in the market are made from diverse materials; there are plastic
canisters, thermoplastic containers and those made of glass.

Features of the glasslock 18 piece set
There are many unique features that make the glasslock 18 piece set a must have container in
your kitchen. They are made of high quality material and can be relied on for a long duration
of time. They are not going to end up on your dust bin any time soon as compared to the
cheap plastic canisters in the market. The glasslock 18 piece set comprises of four
rectangular containers of different sizes, two squared containers, one large and one small in
addition to three circular containers with varying sizes.

About the containers
The glasslock 18 piece set containers are created using natural materials such as silica,
limestone and soda ash. The lids to the containers have a rubber gasket design in addition to
the four latches feature which make them cover the lid securely. These features make certain
that the containers are airtight and leak-proof.

All the consumers who have previously purchased the glasslock 18 piece set have all given
positive reviews regarding the appearance and functionality of these storage containers. They
say that their services cannot be compared with even the best plastic canisters in the market.
They are way superior in features, function and appearance.